We are driven by a common goal

founder (39 years)
Yana Urbanovskaya
• Extensive experience in the field of services (certification), trade (project manager and buyer in the luxury segment), medicine and rehabilitation;
• Invented the method of restoring the function of the spine, patented the device "medical-massage complex"
• A mother of four children

• Russian State University of Management (management of the organization)

• Hobby: cross-fitting, swimming, yoga, reading of modern prose, medical literature, psychology and pedagogy.

• "If you do not give anything to the world, then the world does not give you anything"

founder (48 years)
Konstantin Urbanovsky
• 25 years of experience in the creation and management of business in different areas: trade, finance, logistics, production, development, public activities.
• CMS in equestrian sport
• A father of five childre

• Graduated from CTILP with a degree in "Light Industry Designer"
MBA Degree of the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University

• Hobby: horses, dogs, ai-kido, yachting

• "Happiness is when your desires come true"

CMO (47 years)

Dmitry Spirin
• He devoted 25 years to import-export activities;
• CMS in athletics;
• A father of three children.

• He graduated from the Air Defense Ministry with the rank "lieutenant"

• Hobby: mountain skiing, hunting, fishing, motorbikes.

• "Reputation is more expensive than money"

CEO (35 years)

Dmitry Alkhimovich
• 10-year management experience of the company "Divid-Stroy";
• About 1,000 designed projected;
• He contributed to the revival of the traditional rebated roof and the profession of metal roofer in Belarus;
• A father of three children.

• BNTU, Faculty of Architecture. Advanced training courses "Energy efficient construction and renovation of buildings", Kassel

• Hobby: building, sculpture, drawing.

• "The best reward is a satisfied customer"
Chief architect (71 years)
Lev Agibalov
• A member of the Board of Belarus Union of Designers;
• Laureate of numerous Republican and international competitions;
• He completed projects in many cities of Europe, Belarus and Russia;
• More than 50 years of experience in architecture;
• A father of five children.

• He graduated from the Faculty of Industrial Design of the Academy of Arts and Minsk Civil Engineering College with a degree in architecture.

• Hobby: contemplation of life.

• "A camel is a horse created by a commission.'
chief engineer (34 years)
Dmitry Bagrov
• He devoted 17 years to construction, lived out many projects in the elite, residential real estate market;
• 2nd Youth League in freestyle wrestling;
• A leading master-partner Remmers-Bel;
• A father of a son.

• BNTU, automotive and tractor department.
Certificates Rheinzink 1-2 level, craft school Robert Mayer, Stuttgart.

• Hobby: travelling, metal and wood crafts.

• "It is better to lose money than image"
Architect (33 years)
Alexander Kucheravy
• More than 10 years practicing only in energy efficient architecture.
• Patent for an energy-generating house (as part of a collective);
• The author of the implemented projects "1st Multi-Comfort House in Belarus" and "OptimaHouse - the first active house in Ukraine";
• A supporter of sustainable development principles and Sustainism
philosophy in professional activities and lifestyles.

• Graduated from the Belarusian National Technical University with a degree in Architecture
• Active house verifier

• Hobby: books, traveling, boxing

• "Do more with less"