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Simplicity and Elegance
UrbanBLOCK® modules
Tamago housing solutions are based on a proprietary construction technology UrbanTECH®. The technology sets the framework for a wide application of the modular curved construction element UrbanBLOCK®.
The shape of lancet arch provides a seamless roof-wall integration that speeds up the construction process and reduces budget variability.
Tamago Pavilion
We don`t always realize the moment of happiness when we are inside it. After a while, when you scroll through photos or pages of your memory, you can say that - yes, this was it! The real and live things are always born where natural elements are filled in with energy. Mastery, natural beauty, emotional sincerity... This is our life!
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Easy buying
Our user friendly e-commerce solution:
– saves time on searching, designing and building your new zero-energy home,
– provides a comprehensive and approved toolkit to design and customise your new house,
– recalculates the final price, thus keeping your investments under control.
Easy assembling
Tamago ships in an ISO-container right to your doorstep:
– you get a Ready-To-Assemble house with slabs, fixtures and furniture,
– accredited assemblers install your new house within days, not months
– you only need to buy a vase.
Easy living
Tamago innovative habitation:
– is a smart and rational approach to energy consumption,
– is a XXI century technology coupled with the nature essentials,
– is a path to sustainability and preservation of the planet eco-system.
How it works
Ordering process
Customise online
Choose your new housing solution online. Customise the interior, exterior, or simply select a prefabricated trim line. Allocate your new house on the plot of land using the top view option and proceed to the checkout.
Once your selection is confirmed the plant will get down to packing your order and shipping it to the final destination in a standardised ISO-container. The bank will take care of all financial matters so that you could take them off your shoulders.
Turn-key solution
Once the ISO-container is delivered the accredited team of assemblers will put everything together (akin IKEA furniture) within 1 to 3 months depending on your chosen trim line. High level of standardisation of Tamago houses assures that you will move in precisely on time.
We believe that Tamago is the future of eco-living. This is why we create an environment that resembles and easily assimilates into the outdoor world.
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Request additional information about the innovative housing system, technology, house plans, and preorders in your region.